06 December 2008

Christmas Train Papercraft

Christmas Train Papercraft

Our friends at Paper Replika are trying to help Santa with his load, check out their newest model - a Christmas Train papercraft full of goodies. This fictional steam locomotive sports the traditional red, green, and gold colors for the season and includes a reindeer wreath and box car to hold gifts. Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Train Papercraft [paper-replika]

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Banjo Kazooie Papercraft - Bottles

Banjo Kazooie Bottles Papercraft

Bottles is another one of the main characters in the Banjo-Kazooie video game series. He is the myopic mole who teaches Banjo and Kazooie abilities and moves throughout the game. He appeared on most of the Banjo-Kazooie titles and got his name from the nerdy "coke-bottle" glasses that he wears.

Banjo Kazooie - Bottles Papercraft

Banjo Kazooie Papercraft 2
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Pokemon Papercraft - Rapidash

Pokemon Rapidash Papercraft

One hot equine for you today, Rapidash (aka Gallop) is a fire type Pokemon that is the evolved form of the Ponyta. It's a unicorn-like creature whose mane and tail are covered with red-orange fire.

Pokemon - Rapidash Papercraft [paperpokes]

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05 December 2008

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Heidegger

Final Fantasy VII Heidegger Papercraft

This Heidegger papercraft is based on a character from the Final Fantasy VII video game. He is a fat man sporting a large, black beard and has a tendency for violence. He works as Shinra's Head of Public Maintenance and Order Division.

Final Fantasy VII - Heidegger Papercraft [kaizo]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Arbok

Pokemon Arbok Papercraft

Arbok is a purple, poison type Pokemon that is the stronger and larger evolved form of the Ekans. It basically resembles a cobra and if you spell its name backwards you'll know where it got it.

Pokemon - Arbok Papercraft [paperpokes]

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Cute Cthulhu Papercraft

Cthulhu Papercraft

A Cthulu papercraft based on illustrations created by John Kovalic for the Creatures & Cultists! card game. Cthulhu is a monstrous entity that is popularly depicted as an octopus-headed humanoid with dragon wings.

Cthulhu Papercraft [Le blog de Jerom]

Bird Monster Papercraft
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04 December 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - Lapras

Pokemon Lapras Papercraft

Lapras is a very large water type Pokemon that doesn't evolve, it resembles the Lochness Monster but with a rock hard shell on its back. They are characterized as being friendly and highly intelligent.

Pokemon - Lapras Papercraft [paperpokes]

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Retro Gaming Papercraft Consoles

Foldskool Heroes Papercraft Series 3
Marshall Alexander's Foldskool Heroes Series 3 is up, it features some of 70's and 80's popular gaming machines. The picture above includes (L to R) Commodore 64, Atari 2600 Junior, and the Atari Pong Arcade. Definitely worth displaying on your cubicle.

Retro Papercrafts - Foldskool Heroes Series 3

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Park Heroes - Namor Papercraft

Namor the Submariner Papercraft

Long before DC Comics' Aquaman started playing with the dolphins and other sea creatures, Marvel had a superhero who had done the same, and they called him Namor the Sub-Mariner. Namor is depicted as a gilled aquatic humanoid that is part of the Homo mermanus race (Atlanteans).

Park Heroes - Namor Papercraft [paperinside]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Celebi

Pokemon Celebi Papercraft

Add another one to the Legendary Pokemon papercrafts, this is Celebi, a grass type Pokemon that can time travel. It uses it's time traveling ability to visit locations in need of reforestation.

Pokemon - Celebi Papercraft [paperpokes]

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03 December 2008

Mayor Papercraft - Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor Papercraft

This Mayor papercraft is based on a character from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas film. Like his name says, he's the mayor of Halloween Town. He's short, stout, wears an extremely tall top hat together with a spider tie. And just like any good 'ol politician, the Mayor has two faces, one on the front of the head (nice) and another on the back (mean).

Nightmare Before Christmas - Mayor Papercraft

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Vodafone Christmas Papercrafts

Vodafone Christmas Papercrafts

Vodafone (mobile network operator) Australia is currrently offering free Christmas papercrafts that you can customize by adding your picture (face only) to the paper model. They've used the Cubeecraft pattern for easy assembly and has provided ten options for character selection.

Vodafone Christmas Papercrafts

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02 December 2008

Relax Bear Papercraft - Hot Spring

Relax Bear Rilakkuma Papercraft

Grrrrrr it's cold! wouldn't it be nice to dip ourselves in a pool of hot spring water. That's exactly what Relax Bear (Rilakkuma) is doing and he's bringing the gang with him - Korilakkuma (white bear) & Kiiroitori (yellow chick).

Natural hot springs (aka Onsen) are numerous and very popular throughout Japan. These hot springs provide different health benefits depending on the minerals dissolved in the water. They can either be indoor or outdoor, mix gendered or separate. They're mainly used for relaxing both body and mind.

Relax Bear Papercraft - Hot Spring

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Train Papercraft - GG1 Electric Locomotive

GG1 Electric Locomotive Papercraft Train

The GG1 electric locomotive was built by Pennsylvania Railroad (aka Pennsy) between 1934 to 1943 with a total of 139 units finished. It ran through New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Harrisburg. This GG1 electric locomotive papercraft was designed by M. Kajiwara.

GG1 Electric Locomotive Papercraft [Canon Creative Park]

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Spectre, Aquaman, & Black Terror

Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Spectre, Aquaman, Black Terror

'Tis the season of giving so here's a Holiday Special from Professor Plastik, three new retro superhero papercrafts instead of the usual one. Includes the cosmic entity known as the Spectre, the Sea King - Aquaman, and the chemically induced superhero called Black Terror.

Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Spectre, Aquaman, & Black Terror

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01 December 2008

The Toy Shop Papercraft

Toy Shop Papercraft Models

Some very old classic papercrafts pre-dating Tenkai (Pepakura), this is The Toy Shop papercraft models from Broderbund Software released in 1986. The models include an antique truck, jet fighter, carousel, equatorial sundial, glider, flying propeller, dragster, mechanical bank, medieval catapult, 1911 Mercer car, oracle dice, scale, Spirit of St. Louis airplane, starship, steam engine, oil pump, table saw, tractor crane, and finally, a zoetrope. For those counting, that's 20 papercraft models. Enjoy!

The Toy Shop Papercraft [mikeandlace]

Da Vinci Code Paper Cryptex
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Pokemon Papercraft - Furret

Pokemon Furret Papercraft

Furret is a normaly-type Pokemon that is the evolved form of the Sentret, it resembles a ferret with round stripes covering its body. It is also known by the name Otachi. They live in tunnel colonies similar to what gophers do. The Furrets main prey is the Rattata.

Pokemon - Furret Papercraft

Chimchar Papercraft
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Cute Papercraft Toys - Emerald Eyes

ROMMY Sloth Papercraft Toy - Frog

Inspired by the tree frogs with their big bulging eyes, here is Kamimodel's latest model called Emerald Eyes. Only available until the end of December so download the pattern asap.

ROMMY Sloth Papercraft Toy - Emerald Eyes [Kamimodel]

Lovebird Paper Toy
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The Christmas Kit Papercrafts

The Christmas Kit Papercraft Models

From they same people responsible for bringing us The Toy Shop papercraft collection, here is another impressive classic called "Paper Models: The Christmas Kit". This one was released by Activision. This Christmas Kit includes the Dickens Village, Holiday Train, tree ornaments, gift boxes, and gift holders.

The Christmas Kit Papercrafts

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30 November 2008

Anime Cat Papercrafts - Mayo & Tiger

It's been a long time (9 months ago) since we saw the first papercraft from +Kareha site / designer Yuta-Mu, she left us with a cute anime-type papercraft cat called Mayo (short for Mayonnaise) that's on a sitting position and a bunch of previews about her commercial paper models.

Now she's added two more free models, one is a redux of Mayo (male) and the other is called Tiger (female), both are in a standing position. Tiger's name is based on her color and stripes. These cat papercrafts are part of the designer's Petite Paper series. Follow the link below and click on the "Download" section of their site to get to the goods. Special thanks goes to Yuta-Mu for the info.

Anime Cat Papercrafts - Mayo & Tiger [Yuta-Mu]

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Transforming Robot Papercraft - Australia

Transformers Robot Papercraft - Australia

Not really the best looking car, but it does transform into a robot. It's called Australia and it's one of the few rare papercrafts I've seen that makes use of a hinge joint to enable it to transform from robot to car and vice versa. It's from a new designer named GaoHenGar, hence the big G on the robot's chest.

Transforming Robot Papercraft - Australia
[imagination hangar]

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