27 November 2010

Santa Claus Papercraft / Advent Calendar (Christmas 2010)

Santa Claus Papercraft Advent Calendar

Merry Christmas from Oregon-based graphic designer and illustrator Sean Garrison, enjoy this cute, hipster chic Santa Claus papercraft that doubles as and Advent Calendar.

Chevy Volt Papercraft

Chevy Volt Papercraft
Electric cars don't need to look much different from the cars you see on the road today. The Chevrolet Volt is designed to have the same features that adults use now while driving, like four wheels, seats in certain positions and a trunk to hold things.

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

The Bugatti Veyron is a luxury supercar (ultra-high-end automobile) designed/developed by the Volkswagen Group and Bugatti Automobiles.

Convair XAB1 Atomic-Powered Bomber Papercraft

Convair XAB1 Atomic Powered Bomber Papercraft

The XAB-1 is a concept design aircraft conceived by Convair (now owned by Lockheed) during the Cold War era.

BlastyFace Paper Toy

BlastyFace Paper Toy

BlastyFace paper toy created by Ruang Antho, it's a hand grenade character based on the Militer program from Indonesia's O Channel.



KNGL's GORO gorilla paper toy customs from Vinsart (Erotic Mimetic) and Imawan Rahadianto (GOROTIK).

Do Not Disturb Papercraft

Do Not Disturb Papercraft

26 November 2010

Deadmou5 Papercraft

Deadmou5 Papercraft

Papercraft of the well-known costume head worn by Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Deadmau5 (aka Joel Thomas Zimmerman), created by Taras Lesko / Visual Spicer.

Pokemon Shaymin Papercraft 2 (Land Form)

Pokemon Shaymin Papercraft Land Form

Flowery hedgehog Pokemon Shaymin paper model from the PaperPokes.

Angel / Demon Boy Papercraft

Angel Demon Boy Papercraft

25 November 2010

R-Type Papercraft - R9A2 Delta Spacecraft

R-Type Papercraft R9A2 Delta Spacecraft

The R-Type Delta fighter spacecraft used by the Space Corps organization in the side scrolling shooter game R-Type by Irem (Japan).

Pokemon Yuniran Papercraft

Pokemon Yuniran Papercraft

Yuniran is a Psychic-type and Cell Pokemon from Generation V and is the pre-evolved form of Daburan, it resembles a white bean encased in JELL-O.

Rotating Globe Papercraft w/ Moon

Rotating Globe Papercraft

Multi-hexagonal rotating globe and moon papercrafts from Rob Ives.

Callie the Cat Papercraft

Callie the Cat Papercraft

The latest Paperfab custom and is related to this chair.

24 November 2010

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Papercraft 3

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Papercraft 3

Highly detailed Buzz Lightyear papercraft model from Elsocraft, this is probably the best / most accurate Buzz that I've seen so far.

3EyedBear Paper Toys "Paper People"

3EyedBear Paper Toys Paper People

New group of 3EyedBear customs from Dyadic, Nicolas Saloquin, Marko Zubak, Mario Bosse, and Horrorwood created to raise money for a local children's hospital.

Retro-Bot Paper Toy 2

Retrobot Paper Toy 2

Tensa Zangetsu Sword Papercraft

Tensa Zangetsu Sword Papercraft

Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu Bankai sword from the BLEACh anime series, it looks like any regular katana except this one has a tsuba (crossguard) shaped like a swastika.

23 November 2010

Evangelion Papercraft - Production Model 02 Ver 2.0

Evangelion Papercraft Unit 02 Ver 2.0

Epson Japan's Evangelion Unit 02 papercraft (ver 2.0) in flight-mode (with jet pack) and wielding its giant crossbow.

Conejita Papercraft

Conejita Papercraft

Epic Mickey Papercraft - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Epic Mickey Papercraft Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Half-brother of Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was almost completely forgotten, but he's now making a comeback with the release of Disney Epic Mickey.

Yule Log Papercraft (Christmas 2010)

Yule Log Papercraft

Simple Yule log paper model that doubles as a Christmas gift box.

Scissor Sisters Papercraft

Scissor Sisters Papercraft

Vocalists Jake Shears and Ana Matronic from the glam rock band Scissor Sisters.

22 November 2010

Jumanji Papercraft (Gameboard)

Jumanji Papercraft Gameboard

Macaco - Gorilla Papercraft

Macaco Gorilla Papercraft

Alien Queen Papercraft (Bursting Out)

Alien Queen Papercraft Bursting Out

CATS myauoow & LE'EL Paper Toy

CATS myauoow & Le'el Paper Toy

Congratulations to Idham Mahardhika (Cocooan Urban) for winning the paper toy competition @ Indonesia Dalam Urban Papertoy.

Lake Scientist Papercraft (Legend of Zelda)

Lake Scientist Papercraft

The Lake Scientist is a gaunt/bizarre scientist from the Legend of Zelda universe, he appears in both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Project Egopaper Alphabet Papercraft: G

Project Egopaper Alphabet Papercraft G

G is for Gentleman / Gentilhomme.

Bemo Papercraft

Bemo Papercraft

The Bemo is one of Indonesia's 3-wheeled public transport vehicle which is a variety of Daihatsu Japan's Midget mini-truck.

Hudoq Dancers Papercraft

Hudoq Dancers Papercraft

21 November 2010

Pokemon Eevee Papercraft 2

Pokemon Eevee Papercraft 2

Pokemon Eevee paper model from the PaperPokes.

StarCraft 2 - Immortal Papercraft

StarCraft 2 Immortal Papercraft

Immortal's are quadrupedal assault walkers equipped with twin phase disruptors hardened energy shields.

Nucleus Monstah Paper Toy

Nucleus Monstah Paper Toy

Nucleus Monstah paper toy created byt Ruang Antho for Indonesia's Urbanfest 2010 event (@ Pasar Seni Ancol 20-21 Nov 2010).

Uber Leet - MMORPG Papercraft

Uber Leet MMORPG Paper Toy

Uber Leet paper toy from Sinner, inspired by MMORPG hits Guild Wars and World of Warcraft

Rayguns: Dr. Grordborts Infallible Aether Oscillators - Goliathon 83 Infinity Beam Projector Papercraft

The Rayguns: Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators is a line of 1:1 scale antique-styled sci-fi hand weapon props, conceived by Weta Workshop's Designer Greg Broadmore and meticulously built by Master Model Maker David Tremont.

Gunbound - Raon Mine Papercraft

Gunbound Raon Mine Papercraft

Disney Up Papercraft - Russell "Wilderness Explorer" 2

Disney Up Papercraft Russell Wildnerness Explorer

Pixel Blox Lemi Paper Toy

Pixel Blox Lemi Paper Toy

BoxZet Paper Toy

BoxZet Paper Toy