19 February 2011

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Paine Papercraft (Gullwings)

Kingdom Hearts Paine Papercraft

Paine is a treasure-hunting fairy and 1/3 of the Gullwings group (together with Yuna and Riku) from Kingdom Hearts II.

Anime Cat x Gundam Kyrios Papercraft

Anime Cat Gundam Kyrios Papercraft

Anime cat papercraft from nifty.com dressed up as GN-003 Gundam Kyrios, custom papercraft created by PlayFC member flookz.

Gurren Lagann - Yoko Littner Paper Model

Gurren Lagann Yoko Littner Paper Model

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Kyubey Papercraft (Cat)

Kyubey Papercraft Cat

Kyubey is the cute (but creepy) little cat/familiar from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica (aka Magical Girl Madoka Magica) anime series, it's also a magical creature that grants wishes.

Pokemon Pidgey Papercraft

Pokemon Pidgey Papercraft

Pidgey (aka Poppo) is a Flying-type and Tiny Bird Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Pidgeotto, it resembles a finch/sparrow.

18 February 2011

Fallout 3 Papercraft - Science Bobblehead

Fallout 3 Science Bobblehead Papercraft

Science Vault Boy Bobblehead from Fallout 3 - permanently increases your Science skill by 10 points.

The Wind Waker - Old Man Ho Ho Papercraft

Old Man Ho Ho Papercraft

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Lightning Papercraft

Dissidia Final Fantasy Lightning Papercraft

Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning as Warrior of Cosmos in the fighting game prequel Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy, paper model by Ace.

Homie Paper Toy

Homie Paper Toy

Shin Tanaka's Homie paper toys want to play hide-and-seek, can you find them all? (you have to search the paper toy section of his site for the template links).

John Constantine Papercraft

John Constantine Papercraft

John Constantine papercraft based on the lead character / supernatural detective (played by Keanu Reeves) in the film adaptation of the DC/Vertigo comic book Hellblazer.

SD Date Masamune Musha Gundam Papercraft

SD Date Masamune Musha Gundam Papercraft

Super deformed Musha Gundam dressed up as Date Masamune (famed Japanese samurai known for his crescent-moon-bearing helmet).

SD Ashigaru RGM-79 GM - Gundam Papercraft

SD Ashigaru RGM79 GM Gundam Papercraft

Super deformed RGM-79 GM mobile suit (Gundam) dressed up as an Ashigaru (lowest samurai rank, foot soldiers working for a Daimyo), Gundam papercraft by 333bankin.

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Papercraft

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Papercraft

The Mexican Red Knee Tarantula (aka Brachypelma smithi) is a very popular arachnid that you often see in the zoo, movies, or as pets due to its calm and docile nature. They are also one of the longest lived tarantulas - can live for over 25 years.

Monster Commute Papercraft Car

Monster Commute Papercraft Car

The Monster Commute webcomic by Steam Crow/Daniel Davis is coming out with a new book called "Monster Commute Book II", in honor of the release they've also provided this cool papercraft car that you can download now.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Papercraft - Delta Squad

Star Wars: Republic Commando Papercraft Delta Squad

Here we've got three members of Delta Squad (elite clone commando group from the Clone Wars) based on the Star Wars: Republic Commando video game.

17 February 2011

Pokemon Wigglytuff Papercraft

Pokemon Wigglytuff Papercraft

Wigglytuff (aka Pukurin) is a normal-type and Balloon Pokemon that is the evolved form of Jigglypuff, it's also called a singing rabbit Pokémon ^^.

Fallout: New Vegas Nuka-Cola Truck Papercraft

Fallout New Vegas Nuka Cola Truck Papercraft

The Nuka-Cola truck is an item that appears in both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, it doesn't really have any use other than serving as Rock-It Launcher ammo.

Graduation - Message Doll Papercraft

Graduation Message Doll Papercraft
Do you have children or friends who are graduating from school or college? Send them your congratulations with a paper craft of a wise, clever owl. It also makes a great addition to a present! Choose a male or female owl with either a black, blue, or red gown, holding either a diploma, flag, or bouquet of flowers.

Pomeranian Papercraft (Dog)

Pomeranian Papercraft
A Pomeranian is a dog breed which originates from the Pomerania region, and are covering the north west of Poland and north east of Germany. Following their introduction, a smaller breed was developed in England, leading to the type we know today.

2011 St. Patrick's Day Papercraft - Beer Mug (Keepsake Box)

St. Patrick's Day Beer Mug Papercraft Box
You can't celebrate St. Patrick's Day without a beer! This is a green keepsake box shaped like a beer mug. It's great for holding candy, and if you put a gift wrapped in tissue paper inside and add a finishing touch like a greeting card, it will make an even nicer present.

Badstarz Munkiez Paper Toy

Badstarz Munkiez Paper Toy

Badstarz Monkey paper toy gets a new custom via Willie Beren of VA Papertoys.

2011 St. Patrick's Day Papercraft - Shamrock Top Hat

2011 St. Patrick's Day Papercraft Shamrock Top Hat

March 17th is a holiday called St. Patrick's Day that celebrates Saint Patrick, who spread Christianity throughout Ireland. At first, the holiday was only celebrated in Ireland, but today it is celebrated all over the world by wearing green and holding parades. Wear this hat bearing a shamrock - the national flower of Ireland - and liven up events.

16 February 2011

Pokemon Clefable Papercraft

Pokemon Clefable Papercraft

Clefable (aka Pixy) is a normal-type and Fairy Pokemon that is the evolved form of Clefairy, it's similar in appearance to its pre-evolved form but larger and with a pair of jagged wings.

ESA Venus Express Papercraft (Spacecraft)

ESA Venus Express Papercraft

The Venus Express spacecraft is an orbiter created by the European Space Agency with the purpose of studying the Venusian atmosphere and clouds.

Mario Bros. Mushroom Papercraft


Batman: Arkham Asylum Paper Model

Batman Arkham Asylum Paper Model

Dinosaur King Paper Toy - Tank and Spiny

Dinosaur King Paper Toys - Spiny and Tank

The Alpha Gang's quickest dino (Spiny the Spinosaurus) and their tail-whipping Tank the Saichania.

15 February 2011

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Laguna Loire Papercraft

Laguna Loire Papercraft

Laguna Loire is an original character from Final Fantasy VIII, a machine gunner in the game, he is also the main protagonist's (Squall) father.

Kick-Ass Paper Toys (Big Daddy, Hit-Girl, Red Mist)

Kick Ass Paper Toy

Adding to Cubeecraft's previous Kick-Ass papercraft, new custom designs by nusniper featuring the three other major characters in the comics (Big Daddy, Hit-Girl, and Red Mist).

14 February 2011

Sony NGP Papercraft (Next Generation Portable)

Sony NGP Papercraft

Sony's Next Generation Portable (aka PlayStation Portable 2) - the upcoming successor to the PSP handheld game console said to be released at the end of 2011.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Onion Knight EX Mode - Ninja Papercraft

Onion Knight EX Mode Ninja Papercraft

Ninja is one of the two EX Mode (Job Change) transformations by the Onion Knight, the other being a Sage.

13 February 2011

Pokemon Sweet Kiss Papercraft (Move)

Pokemon Sweet Kiss Papercraft

Sweet Kiss (aka Angel's Kiss) is a normal-type Pokemon move on which the user kisses the enemy via an angelic figure that causes confusion.

Pokemon Nidoran Papercraft (F/M)

Pokemon Nidoran Papercraft

Nidoran is a poison-type Pokemon that is also known as the Poison Pin Pokemon, it looks like a toothed, horned mouse ^^

Mabinogi World - Morrighan Papercraft

Mabinogi Morrighan Papercraft

Morrighan the black-winged Goddess of War and Vengeance - based on the Mabinogi fantasy MMORPG.

Harry Potter Paper Toy

Harry Potter Paper Toy
The boy wizard makes his Cubeecraft debut.

Calling All Cars Paper Toy - 2011 Valentine's Day Car

Calling All Cars Paper Toy Chick Magnet

Special V-Day custom Calling All Cars paper toy created by Baykiddead, it's called "Chick Magnet".

Valentine's Day Paper Toy - Mr. Choco

Mr. Choco Paper Toy

Chocolaty craft ^^ from St. Craft Warehouse for V-Day.

D'Loo Paper Toy - 2nd Series

D'Loo Paper Toy 2nd Series
Clockwise from top-left: Smiley Bunny, Demon, Angel, and Candy.

High School Boy Paper Toy

High School Boy Paper Toy

The high school girl paper toy that Jules originally designed for Maxim Indonesia gets a partner.