20 December 2007

Halo Papercraft - D77 Pelican Dropship

We've posted a Halo papercraft before featuring Master Chief, today we're adding a new one featuring Halo's D-77 Pelican Dropship Troop Carrier - it's a versatile craft used by the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) mainly for extraction and transportation of personnel and equipment but can also serve as a gunship. It has a large overhang on its rear that serves as an attachment point for large cargo and ordnance which range from Warthogs, to Scorpion Tanks, or troop-bay extensions. Here's a great free papercraft model from Planet Starfreak (Home of the legendary Grunkohl-Mod), you can also check their other papercrafts such as the Shadowcat V2 from MechWarrior and the Serenity (Firefly vessel). - thanks to Alain for the link.

Halo Papercraft - D77 Pelican Dropship

Jack Frost Papercraft

During my lunch break I was trying to catch up with my daily gaming news when I noticed this blog post. It's a Christmas card from video game developer/publisher Atlus U.S.A (株式会社アトラス) sent to Kotaku editor Mike Fahey, it shows Jack Frost right smack in the middle surrounded by Atlus employees sporting Jack's familiar blue headgear/joker hat. This reminded me that there's a Jack Frost papercraft model from way back (5 yrs ago) that's still available for free download at the Atlus Japan web site. Some facts about Jack - he's considered a snowman, so for those of you that have been requesting for a snowman papercraft, this is probably the closest I could find for this year. Jack's favorite catchphrase is "Hee-Ho", he became quite popular when he appeared on the RPG video game series Shin Megami Tensei (真・女神転生|). Happy "Hee-Ho" Holidays indeed.

To get to the goods click on the link below, click on Special, then click on the 3rd selection down on the first column. If you don't feel like browsing through the Japanese site, just click the other link for a direct download (mediafire).

Jack Frost - [Download Page] [Alt Download]

19 December 2007

Christmas Papercraft - Boots

Tokyu Hands Inc. (東急ハンズ) is well known Japanese department store that focuses on hobbies, lifestyle products, and home improvement. Store items range from toys, games, luggage, hobby materials, do-it-yourself kits, all the way to furniture, lighting, home appliances and many more. Looking at their logo, you'll notice that there are two hands on both sides of their brand name, that's because they first started out as a DIY craft store. The flagship store is located in Shibuya. For this Christmas holiday, they're providing a free download for a papercraft Christmas boots, you can use it for decorations or as a gift box for putting small items. To download the pattern, click on their "red" Christmas banner, it will open up a new page running Flash content and you'll be able to download it for free on pages 18-19 (check photo above for reference). Or you could just hit the other free download link below (mediafire).

Christmas Boots - [Download Page] [Direct Download]

17 December 2007

Christmas Papercraft 3

Here's another Christmas papercraft set, this time it's from Yamaha. They're well known throughout the world for their motorcycles but in the papercraft community they're very much known for providing a ton of free realistic paper models and one of the best ultra-realistic models around (MT-01), they're Christmas section includes a reindeer and sleigh papercraft and a Christmas card. I know it's not much and a bit lacking, hopefully they'll add some more Christmas stuff next year. Check it out.

Yamaha Christmas - [Download Page]