01 March 2008

Another Cute Anime Girl Papercraft - Cafetera

New one from the cafetera web site. Like the rest of their paper models this one is no different, a cute anime girl papercraft called Lunar ? Thanks to our reader Blythe for sending it in.

Cute Anime Papercraft [cafetera]
Cafetera [Site]

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Classic Nintendo Gameboy Papercraft

Some nostalgic video game papercrafts for today, here we have Deutsch designer Kapsch (aka Jan Kapischke) and his version of the Super Mario Fire Flower papercraft and the everlasting Tetris papercraft.

I've checked the patterns and it's pretty well done, easy and straightforward, you wouldn't have problems building them. What I like the most about it is the colors, specially the Tetris colors, it really gives you that classic Gameboy feel.

Mario Fire Flower Papercraft + Tetris Papercraft
[Paper 2.0]

Tetris Papercraft - Hiyochico [Related Post]

29 February 2008

Leap Year

I noticed earlier today that Google has that frog on their logo (which usually indicates a holiday or an event) and completely forgot to check about it when I got to work. Well, I just got home and I saw the frog again - finally realized that it's a leap day / leap year. So here's a trio of papercrafts associated with "leaping". Croak!

Realistic Frog Papercraft [Raspera]
Papercraft Frog [Ichiyama]
Konica Minolta Papercraft Frog

Google Holiday Logos [Google]

SD Catgirl Tsukina Papercraft

An up-and-coming mangaka / dojinshi author named Nagisa who belongs to the eins circle sent us this wonderful paper model. It's a super deformed nekomimi papercraft or SD Catgirl papercraft named Tsukina and is the main character in the second volume of his work. The catgirl papercraft is wearing a school girl outfit and wielding a giant hammer / mallet as her weapon. There's also a papercraft pattern for the brown box that you see on the picture. The name of the dojin manga is 魔法少女のツクリカタ #02 and roughly translates to "Magical Girls TSUKURIKATA # 02".

The author has also pointed out that the first volume of his work that came out a year ago has a Tsukina papercraft as well and is still available for download. The link for that papercraft is available below.

The e-mail sent to me was in Japanese and I'm not quite sure my translation is accurate, so if the author is reading this, I'm terribly sorry if I messed it up ( 申し訳ありませんが、もし私が混乱する訳 ). There's another character available, the one with the bow, and we'll post it on a future date. Can't read Japanese? no problem, check out these instruction photos below to see where to click.

Tsukina SD Catgirl Papercraft [Nagasa]
Tsukina Papercraft - Regular

Magical Girls TSUKURIKATA # 02 [toranoana.jp] some parts are NSFW

28 February 2008

Sci-Fi Spaceship Papercraft

A fresh batch of science fiction papercrafts featuring some of the most recognizable spaceships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate Atlantis, and Buck Rogers. These papercraft models are available for free download courtesy of Deutsch designer Martin Sänger via his Paper Aviation web site.

Science Fiction Papercraft

Metal Gear Solid Cardboardcraft

This is not your regular papercraft, technically, cardboard is made out of paper so I guess we'll just say that it's a very very thick papercraft.

With SCEA's recent blitz campaign full of awesome Metal Gear Solid announcements, Kotakuite Kai-Hung "Chilli Coke" Chuang couldn't get enough MGS love so he had to create this 1:1 masterpiece. Pay attention to the detail, he really took time to nail every bit. If you want to create your own, the link to the original pattern is available below.

F#ck Metal Gear Solid Cardboardcraft [Kotaku]

Metal Gear Solid Papercraft [maquettes-papier]

27 February 2008

Command and Conquer Papercraft

Here's more video game related paper models all the way from Singapore, it's the Command and Conquer papercraft from Fico86.

Command and Conquer Papercraft [candcpapercraft]

Iron Man Papercraft

Designer Raphael Gatt just sent an e-mail to inform us of his latest creation, an Iron Man papercraft. Let's check it out.

From the Marvel Universe, this fictional comic book superhero has an upcoming live-action film flying through theaters this May. Alongside it is a multi-platform video game tie-in which I hope doesn't suck (cross fingers). If you haven't seen the Iron Man trailer, here it is:

Iron Man Papercraft [Techno-Maniaco/Raphael Gatt]

Onimusha Papercraft

Capcom's Onimusha video game series is one of the PlayStation 2's popular titles. It's a fantasy type action adventure genre set in medieval Japan. Here's an Onimusha papercraft featuring the games protagonist, Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi - e-mailed in by reader tinto.

The pattern is a bit rough and the score/cut lines are not well planned. But still, credit goes to the designer for trying. It's a PDO file so you'll need to download Pepakura viewer for this. Give it a try.

Onimusha Papercraft - Samanosuke [via Mediafire]

26 February 2008

SD Hi-V Gundam Papercraft

A fantastic new papecraft from designer たーぼ, of the Turbolabo Blog. This Hi-v Gundam Papercraft sports the "SD" initials because of its trademark appearance. SD stands for Super Deformed, it's a common form of Japanese caricature in which characters are depicted as having small bodies shouldering large heads. The designer of this papercraft has been releasing the patterns one page per day and it seems that it's almost done. As of today there's five pages released including the Gundam's head, chest, waist, and two legs. To download this free papercraft, head on to the link below and click on the pictures (pattern), then save it. For my new readers, take a look at the pic below for some visual guide.

SD Hi-V Gundam Papercraft [Turbolabo Blog]

25 February 2008

Relax Bear Papercraft

A cute bear paper model from designer クマリラ. It's called the Rilakkuma papercraft and is based on the characters created by the Japanese marketing company San-X. The name Rilakkuma translates to Relax Bear, it comes from the combination of two Japanese words - rila(relax) and kuma(bear). As you can see on the picture above the Relax Bear papercraft is accompanied by two other characters, namely, Korilakkuma (smaller white bear) and Kiiroitori (yellow chick). Those two don't have any patterns available yet, be sure to sign up to our feed to keep you updated.

This Relax Bear papercraft is very popular marketing tool in Japan for all things related to relaxation, it even has a Nintendo DS video game that came out on November 2007 titled "Watashi no Rilakkuma". Here's a video of the DS game and below that is the link to the pattern.

(Rilakkuma) Relax Bear Papercraft [kuma0rila]

24 February 2008

Portal Turret Papercraft

From Valve's award winning video game of the same name, here's a Portal turret papercraft model now available at billybob884's deviantART page, check it out.

Portal Turret Papercraft [billybob884]
Portal Turret Papercraft [Download Page]

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Star Wars K-3PO Papercraft

Just like the very famous C-3PO but in white. In cases your memory is a bit rusty and you don't recognize it, this K-3PO papercraft (Kay-Threepio) / protocol droid made its appearance on Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. It was one of several droids stationed at Echo Base on the frigid planet Hoth.

Star Wars K-3PO Papercraft [BLOG@PAPERCRAFT / uhu02]
Star Wars K-3PO Papercraft [Direct Download]

Star Wars C-3PO Papercraft
[Related Post]

Planet StarFreak Papercraft - Update

Two new papercraft models from the Planet StarFreak site. There's an Unreal Automag papercraft taken from the original Unreal PC game and a Star Trek USS Equinox papercraft. You might also want to check out our previous post about their site which featured their very popular Halo Pelican Dropship.

Unreal Automag + Star Trek USS Equinox Papercraft [Planet StarFreak]

Halo Pelican Dropship Papercraft [Related Post]