29 February 2008

Leap Year

I noticed earlier today that Google has that frog on their logo (which usually indicates a holiday or an event) and completely forgot to check about it when I got to work. Well, I just got home and I saw the frog again - finally realized that it's a leap day / leap year. So here's a trio of papercrafts associated with "leaping". Croak!

Realistic Frog Papercraft [Raspera]
Papercraft Frog [Ichiyama]
Konica Minolta Papercraft Frog

Google Holiday Logos [Google]


  1. Yeah, I also just remember this while I wrote down the date yesterday.

  2. I saw the frog right before I went to work, and the first thing that came to my mind was, Kermit the frog must be celebrating his birthday :)

  3. I recognised the Ichiyama frog as I remember assembling back in December and was asked if this frog came from My Neighbour Totoro. Downloaded and assembled all Ichiyama's paper animals and they are quite a challenge. Usually if you follow the numbers the pieces fit together by themselves. I also have the Konica's frog and hope to assemble in the near future.


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