29 February 2008

SD Catgirl Tsukina Papercraft

An up-and-coming mangaka / dojinshi author named Nagisa who belongs to the eins circle sent us this wonderful paper model. It's a super deformed nekomimi papercraft or SD Catgirl papercraft named Tsukina and is the main character in the second volume of his work. The catgirl papercraft is wearing a school girl outfit and wielding a giant hammer / mallet as her weapon. There's also a papercraft pattern for the brown box that you see on the picture. The name of the dojin manga is 魔法少女のツクリカタ #02 and roughly translates to "Magical Girls TSUKURIKATA # 02".

The author has also pointed out that the first volume of his work that came out a year ago has a Tsukina papercraft as well and is still available for download. The link for that papercraft is available below.

The e-mail sent to me was in Japanese and I'm not quite sure my translation is accurate, so if the author is reading this, I'm terribly sorry if I messed it up ( 申し訳ありませんが、もし私が混乱する訳 ). There's another character available, the one with the bow, and we'll post it on a future date. Can't read Japanese? no problem, check out these instruction photos below to see where to click.

Tsukina SD Catgirl Papercraft [Nagasa]
Tsukina Papercraft - Regular

Magical Girls TSUKURIKATA # 02 [toranoana.jp] some parts are NSFW

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  1. O_O that is too cute! i can't wait until you have the other SD character posted.


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