28 February 2008

Metal Gear Solid Cardboardcraft

This is not your regular papercraft, technically, cardboard is made out of paper so I guess we'll just say that it's a very very thick papercraft.

With SCEA's recent blitz campaign full of awesome Metal Gear Solid announcements, Kotakuite Kai-Hung "Chilli Coke" Chuang couldn't get enough MGS love so he had to create this 1:1 masterpiece. Pay attention to the detail, he really took time to nail every bit. If you want to create your own, the link to the original pattern is available below.

F#ck Metal Gear Solid Cardboardcraft [Kotaku]

Metal Gear Solid Papercraft [maquettes-papier]


  1. This is pretty cool! I've never been a MGS fan. I suck at playing the games, but respect the game none the less. Who is the artist and how did he/she make the 1:1 scale possible?

    I can see this kind of thing in some Video Game stores, Best Buys, or even at a con of some sort. I must try this.

  2. That's really well vectorized. Can't see any pixellation at all.

  3. The maker's name Kotaku, in Malay, kotak means box, what is odd. BTW, MGS is my fave game now,I'm playing MGS portable ops, so hard and long :)

  4. thank you so much. all of models are pretty cool...hehehe...


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