21 April 2007

Cerberus By Chamoo232

Here is my latest and most impressive model so far. Cerberus from Kingdom Hearts/ Disney's Hercule. It took over 40 hours of work and due to its very high difficulty there will be no templates. The teeth are small and were very hard to make but the whole model still end up almost 15 inch long and 10 inch tall.

Cerberus Papercraft Model [Chamoo232 site]
New Chamoo232 Section [Images]

20 April 2007

Our Condolences

On behalf of Paperkraft.net I would like to convey our deepest sympathy to the families and friends affected by the tragedy that took place on April 16th, 2007 at Virginia Tech. We hope that time and memories will help lessen the burden of your sorrow, and that you may draw some measure of comfort knowing that others care and share in your loss. Please aid us in giving to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, to help remember and honor the victims of this tragic event.

Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund

19 April 2007

Shrek the Third Papercraft

You've probably seen some Shrek The Third ads on the tube, magazines, and on the net for the past few months and one campaign in particular is about DreamWorks Animations teaming up with Hewlett Packard - they've develop a new colour management system called DreamColor, that will ease the calibrating of printers, cameras, and televisions. Anyways, HP has now added some Shrek 3 papercraft models on their site, although not the one that you like best - it's more like a Hako-ish type of paper model that's geared towards first time builders. You've got Shrek, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, and the adorable Donkey. As you can see from the pics above, I've only assembled two models, Donkey, because he's my favorite from the movie and I simply like Puss. You can also find other papercrafts on the site such as a robot, dragonfly, and an ankylosaurus (requires some pipe cleaners to complete).

Shrek The Third [HP]

*Thanks to lhiannan for the correction

16 April 2007

Shark Papercraft

Sharks have a very bad reputation for being "man-eaters" that have the thirst for human blood or savage killers with no regard to other aquatic life, but this simply is not the case, this is a huge misinformation that has been propagating for years and even more when the movie Jaws(1975) came out - we've got the great Steven Spielberg to thank for that. But the truth is, it's the other-way around, sharks are very much endangered and on the brink of extinction due to man's excessive demand for its meat. So go help in the fight to conserve this majestic creatures by educating yourself and others through Discovery or Bite-back, and while your at it here's a papercraft model of a great white from our friend Ryo Tokisato.

Great White Shark Papercraft [Download]