17 May 2007

Heavenly Military Officer Papercraft - Black

Here is a set of Chinese inspired/made papercrafts, featuring different heavenly deities and soldiers. They are made by Answer Ideas Studio, their paper models are intricately designed and require no glue for assembly - they've put tabs on strategic locations to hold the papercraft together. There's over 30 models on their site that you might want to check out, but I'll be sharing showing only one today, and the rest, on the following weeks to come. Wasn't sure if the designer intended for the models head to shake a bit or I did a poor assembly, either way I've got me a bobble head papercraft. Special thanks goes out to The Rube for finding this treasure trove.

Black Officer - [Download]
Answer Ideas Studio [Site]

14 May 2007

Ponygon Papercraft

Cartoon Network/Toonami import Zatch Bell! is a very popular manga series from Japan where it is known as Konjiki no Gash Bell! which is publish Shogakukan's Shonen Sunday and turned into an anime TV series by Toei Animation. The plot goes like this, every millenium (that's 1,000 years for those who care) one hundred demons known as "mamodo" go to Earth to battle to be the king of the mamodo world. Each mamodo acquires a human partner in order to use their spell books for battling other mamodos, these spell books have spells th onat only the human partner can read. When their spell book is burned, they have to return to the mamodo world, and the last mamodo standing with their spell book intact and unburnt is the new king of the mamodos. Kiyomaro Takamine is the main character and his mamodo is Gash/Zatch Bell. Our papercraft model for today is Ponygon (Umagon in JP) it's a very friendly mamodo that looks like a miniature horse and uses armor based spells. It's real name is "Schneider", but since nobody can understand it's language, Kiyo named him Ponygon. That's about the only thing I could remember about him so feel free to correct me on this one.

Ponygon Papercraft [via Mediafire]