10 October 2009

Advance Wars Papercraft - Yellow Comet Artillery

Yellow Comet tank Papercraft Add one more to your Advance Wars army, Ninjatoes' has a new tanktank for the Yellow Comet faction.

Yellow Comet Artillery Papercraft [Download]

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Hello Kitty Zombie Papercraft - Halloween

Hello Kitty Zombie Papercraft Hello Kitty got too close and was mangled by Gloomy Bear, she died and was buried at a mysterious Pet Sematary ^^, only to awake as a reanimated corpsezombie.

Model design by PMF, builds and photo by Skelekitty.

Hello Kitty Zombie Papercraft [Letter]
Hello Kitty Zombie Papercraft [A4]

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Retro Supervillain Papercraft - Red Skull

Red Skull Papercraft The Red Skull is one of Marvel's most loathsome villains and Captain America's arch-nemesis, he's the one responsible for orchestrating Captain America'sCaptain America assassination.

Retro Supervillain - Red Skull Papercraft [Download]

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Kingfisher Papercraft (Bird)

Kingfisher Papercraft The crested and brightly colored Kingfisher birdbird papercraft by Art32m-k, looks like no Pepakura involved, hand drawn template ^^.

Follow the link below and then head all the way to the bottom of their page, look for the word "Kingfisher PDF" to get the goods.

Kingfisher Papercraft [Download]

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Halloween Monsters Papercraft - Wolf Man

Wolf Man Papercraft Professor Plastik deviates from the superhero genre a little bit to bring you some Halloween papercrafts instead, here's Wolf Man - based on the 1941 horrorhorror film of the same title.

A remake of the Wolf Man movie is set for 2010, with Oscar winner Benicio Del Torro in the lead role.

Halloween Monsters - Wolf Man Papercraft [Download]

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WoW Papercraft - Dalaran Mailbox

Dalaran Mailbox Papercraft Mailbox found in the magical floating kingdom of Dalaran (World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft).

World of Warcraft - Dalaran Mailbox Papercraft [Download]

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09 October 2009

Wiki Waka Paper Toy

Wiki Waka Paper Toy DJ Jonny Chiba ^^ manning the wheels of steel (Technics SL1200 series turntableturntable).

Wiki Waka Paper Toy [Download]

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Desktop Gremlin - Dream Genie Papercraft

Dream Genie Papercraft Here's the latest Desktop Gremlin from Landis Productions, the "Dream Genie: The Astonishing Wish-Granting Hibernator". Growl!Growl
Step right up and imagine the thing you want most--your strongest desire! Now quietly whisper your ambition into the ear of the Dream Genie and if he dreams about it--your wish will eventually come true. But beware! This astonishing wish-granting hibernator loves to sleep. If you accidentally wake him up he will become cantankerous and impart upon you the exact opposite of your wish. Use caution!
And while you're there, don't forget to check out the Gremlingram, an easy way to send a custom Gremlin evite to your friends and family.

Desktop Gremlin - Dream Genie Papercraft [Download]

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Kid Niki Papercraft - Princess Margo

Princess Margo Papercraft We've got the hero ninja, we've got the evil bosses, only thing left is the damsel in distress (Princess Margo - Kid Niki's girlfriendgirlfriend).

Kid Niki - Princess Margo Papercraft [Download]

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Uncanny X-Men Papercraft

X-Men Papercraft Big X-Men fan Xavier Leo Gale-Sides has been crafting an army of X-MenX-Men papercrafts, check out his "My Paper Heroes" site.

Uncanny X-Men Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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Gubi Gubi Paper Toy - Last Trip

Gubi Gubi Paper Toy Final The fourth and final Gubi Gubi paper toyspaper toys (version 1), customs by Jerom, Andrew Fricks, and Eric Wiryanata (thunderpanda).

Gubi Gubi Paper Toy - Last Trip [Download]

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08 October 2009

Playgrounds Festival Paper Toy 2009

Playgrounds Festival Paper Toy TV-bot paper toypaper toy character created by Loulou and Tummie for the Playgrounds Festival 2009.

Playgrounds Festival Paper Toy 2009 [via Cubee]

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Creature Behind the Wall Papercraft

Creature Behind the Wall Papercraft Scary monster-theme papercraft by TDDK, a custom of a JustUs paper toypaper toy.

Creature Behind the Wall Papercraft [Download]

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Cubee Jailbot Papercraft

Jailbot Papercraft The second Jailbot papercraft we've seen (fr. Superjail!Superjail), a Cubee version designed by graphic designer Lincoln Jones.

Cubee Jailbot Papercraft [Download]

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Kid Niki Papercraft - Radical Ninja

Kid Niki Papercraft Somebody has to put those bad bosses into place ^^, Kid Niki papercraft to the rescuerescue!

Kid Niki Papercraft - Radical Ninja [Download]

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07 October 2009

YAM Paper Toys

YAM Paper Toys Presenting the YAMYAM paper toys, from illustrator / cartoonist Corey Barba's graphic novel of the same title.
YAM and his fun-loving friends live on the remote tropical island of Leche de la Luna, and are always getting mixed up in surreal adventures. Whether it's encountering cupcakes that spring to life, befriending potted flowers, or exploring the mysterious ruins on the island, this small boy in his hooded, footy pajamas always ends up having a blast with his friends.

The paper toys include YAM, his pet TV, his bff GATO, and YAM's alter-ego, SHAM.

YAM Paper Toys [Download]

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Pirate Ship Papercraft - The Salty Tot

Salty Tot Pirate Ship Papercraft Ahoy collectors, watch out for Matt Hawkins' pirate shippirate ship, the Salty Tot - its maiden voyage takes place at Sonic Drive-Ins (Oct. 9).

No Download, Just a reminder ^^

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Rumia 2

Rumia Papercraft After a bit of confusion and craziness on GT40's missing Touhou ProjectTouhou Project papercrafts, it's now back in its old form.

Touhou Project - Rumia Papercraft 2 [Download]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Cecil Helmet

Cecil Helmet Papercraft This is the helmet worn by the original Dark Knight-turned PaladinPaladin in the Final Fantasy series, Cecil (aka Lord Captain Cecil Harvey) from Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV - Cecil's Helmet Papercraft [Download]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Chaos Burgeonet

Chaos Burgeonet Papercraft Worn by the Dark Knights of Final Fantasy XI, the Chaos Burgeonet is an open-faced helmet gives a boost to the wearers dark magic skills and enhances you Souleater ability.

Final Fantasy XI - Chaos Burgeonet Papercraft [Download]

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06 October 2009

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Papercraft - Shinkenoh Has Been Released!

One of the most requested papercrafts from Toyoppe has now been released, the massive Shinkenoh mechamecha from the Super Sentai Shinkenger series is now available for downloading, all 51 pages of it ^^

For those of you who are new and not familiar with Toyoppe, the link below will take you to the download page, you'll see a color coding that goes from 1 to 8, each of those numbers correspond to the color of the parts for this mecha papercraft (you need to print the templates on colored paper).

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger - Shinkenoh Papaercraft [Download]

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Kid Niki Papercraft - Stone Wizard

Stone Wizard Papercraft And here he is, the Stone Wizard - the last of the enemy bosses to complete Paper Foldables Kid NikiKid Niki papercraft series.

Kid Niki - Stone Wizard Papercraft [Download]

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De Tomaso Pantera Car Papercraft

De Tomaso Panter Papercraft Kamino-Ana has a new model for sale, an apple-green 1/24 scale De Tomaso Pantera papercraft for 300yen. (Italian sports carsports car)

Templates are availalbe for download, but are password protected - you'll need to purchase it to get the unlock code ^^

De Tomaso Pantera Papercraft [Buy]
De Tomaso Pantera Papercraft [Download]

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Urban Paper Kansas City Show - Photos

Urban Paper Kansas City Show Here's what happened at the recent Urban PaperUrban Paper show held at the Scion Lab in Kansas City Mo. (Matt Hawkins' hometown).

Urban Paper Kansas City Show - Photos

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Broken Heart Papercraft

Broken Heart Papercraft Just helping out on the requests, Icthus7 has created this broken heart papercraft for one of his readers, heartheart splits in two - one for each couple.

Broken Heart Papercraft [Download]

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