25 February 2012

StarCraft II - Thor Papercraft

Starcraft II Thor Papercraft

The Thor is a heavy assault mech unit/walker used by the Terran.

Starcraft II Thor Papercraft
The Thor right beside an iPhone to give you an idea how massive it is.

Check the visual guide below to see how to download the templates.

Starcraft II Thor Download Guide

StarCraft II Thor Download Guide

StarCraft II - Thor Papercraft [Download]

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  1. I downloaded the PDOs but according to my reader, they do not exist. Can anyone help?

  2. I just did the same and window's doesn't recognize it. Someone please help, I really can't wait to build this thing!

  3. There seems to be a password required to open this in Pepakura, does anyone know what it is?

  4. Change the names to something else - your system isn't recognizing the character set.

  5. The password is Thor

  6. rename the file


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