07 March 2009

Warhammer 40K Papercraft - Dreadnought

Warhammer 40K Dreadnought PapercraftBased on the Warhammer 40K game series, the Dreadnought is a combination of armored walker (mecha) and life support system, only invaluable members of the Space Marines that are close to dying are permanently entombed in this armoured sarcophagus to prolong and continue their existence. The only way for them to die is if the Dreadnought is totally destroyed.

This Dreadnought papercraft's pattern weighs in at a massive 60+ MB, that's because it includes three versions (blank, Blood Angels, Ultramarines) plus instructions. Designed by Ing. Spendlik.

Warhammer 40K - Dreadnought Papercraft [Papirove-Modely.cz]

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  1. Oh man, what if we developed a game like Warhammer based on papercraft models, instead of the traditional plastic/pewter.

    Wonder if people would go for it...

  2. Woohoo, now we are known worldwide!!!
    But hey, why did you mirror the picture and even deleted something from the leg with the eagle...
    Much more pictures from my (test) build can be found here, including WIP ones - http://www.papirove-modely.cz/galerie/index.php?showimage=32629
    And please, be so kind and post your builds, too. The author will be happy :)
    ad Kaizo: that would be hard - either too little time for modelling or too little time for gaming ;)

  3. @Wojtee

    are you the designer of this awesomeness? i received the link through email and I'm not sure who designed it.

    about the photo, sorry if its missing some parts, i just started using a PS script that removes the background (to focus more on the papercraft model) - I guess its not fine tuned yet ^_^ ill try to fix it

  4. No, I am not the designer, just a "beta" builder. I have built the blue Dreadnought before it was released.
    A guy from Slovakia, calls himself "Ing. Spendlik" designed this beauty. From scratch, using "real" model (three times smaller) and Rhino to model and unfold.
    It would be nice if you mentioned him in this article ;)
    See the link in my sig. Google Translate might help. It is written in Czech and Slovak at once, though...
    P.S. More goodness incoming, incl. laser cannon and mirrored arms for the Furioso and Mortis versions.

  5. @Wojtee

    Thanks again for the info. I've updated the pic and the post to include the ones you mentioned.

    Keep us updated on the new builds.

  6. This thing looks amazing :D What kind of paper was used for this? (Papercraft noob here)


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