17 August 2009

REVORAMA Orichalcum Reycal Papercraft Diorama

Orichalcum Reycal Papercraft Diorama And right beside Gloomy Bear is Revoltech'sRevoltech Orichalcum Reycal action figure (also part of the Revoltech 3.0 'REBOOT' series), so REVORAMA makes a papercraft diorama for it as well.

Oricalchum Reycal is the lead character and namesake of a manga that came out last year. The story is about a student who creates/sculpts a clay figurine? that comes to life and fulfills his wishes ^^

REVORAMA Orichalcum Reycal Papercraft Diorama

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  1. I cant find the download link -.-

  2. Follow the REVORAMA link on this page, then look for "REYCAL" on the download site.


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