29 August 2008

Sailor Moon Papercraft - Star Wand

So yesterday's Sailor Moon papercraft wasn't alone, here's another one featuring her Star Wand. It's probably from the same designer whose identity we haven't figured out yet. I don't have much info. on this one so if you know anything, the comments section is wide open.

Sailor Moon - Star Wand Papercraft [via mediafire]

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  1. Ron, I believe that I saw in an image board that the girl from the photo is actually the designer, I'm not pretty sure but its an start. Anyway I will try to email her to see if we can get more details about it.

  2. I'm pretty sure that these are by designer Kaboom. She's the one who provided the first link for the copy of this on NP, at least.

  3. @guillermo & navi03

    thanks for the tip guys, this was sent in to me via e-mail and I couldn't find any mark or label on the pattern to properly credit the designer.

  4. Is that the same designer???
    Who is the designer???

  5. Yes, I'm pretty sure it was made by Kaboom, but I'm not sure if the other sailor moon one was made by Kabbom


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