11 June 2009

Kingdom Hearts Papercraft - Cloud Strife 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 Cloud Strife Papercraft Fezco's version of the ever popular Cloud Strife, based on his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts 2Kingdom Hearts 2 video game.

This time around, Cloud is sporting a trench coat thingie with Buster Sword in hand and spiky hair ^^

Kingdom Hearts - Cloud Strife Papercraft 2

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  1. great job you did! thanks for posting! i'm making my own now... by the way, it would be highly appreciated if you can make a papercraft of Squall Leonhart. a lot of us do love ffviii... thanks again!!!

  2. i was wondering would you sell this and if you do can you name a price i would be willing to but this oofff you through paypal also how tall is this? plase write back to me on my emsil fran_murguia@yahoo.com

  3. @fran_murguia

    it's absolutely free, you don't have to buy it

  4. are you saying you would give this to me? =] and if so do i just send you my address here or where?? and THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

  5. what I meant was that you can download the templates for free, and then you can build one on your own ^^

  6. I'm stuck on the buster sword. the small rectangular pieces are very hard to place if you dont know exactly where they fit...


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