12 June 2009

The Ultimate Time Bokan Papercraft Collection

Time Mechabuton Papercraft 01

Nora-factry (designer) started out the Time BokanTime Bokan papercrafts with the villain's machine - the Time Skull Mecha - now we get to see what the good guys use ^^ Download link is at the very bottom of this post ^^.

Simple plot summary for the Time Bokan anime series >>

Very intelligent scientist invents insect-shaped time machines and calls it "Time Bokan", scientist tries it out and is a success, machine goes somewhere in time then comes back without scientist - inside was a gemstone, said gemstone was called "Dynamond" ^^, Dynamond is a super-duper powerful / valuable artifact, scientist's assistant uses Time Bokan to search for missing scientist and find out more about Dynamond, bad guys show up and try to steal Dynamond, good guys and bad guys fight, good guys always win - bad guys lose horribly.

And now the goods ^^

Time Mechabutton papercraft (aka Time Bokan 1) - Blue mecha shaped like a Japanese rhinoceros bettle. Wings open up to reveal its jet engines. Includes two mini-mechas / surveillance units: The Ladybug-Drone papercraft and Strider-Marine papercraft, both can be put inside Time Mechabutton.

Time Mechabuton Papercraft 02

Ladybug-Drone  Papercraft

Strider Marine Papercraft

Time Dotabattan papercraft (aka Time Bokan 2) - Green mecha shaped like a locust. Includes two mini-mechas: The Inch-worm Drone papercraft and Firefly-Copter papercraft. The underside of Time Dotabattan's thorax/head opens up to house the two mini-machines.

Time Dotabattan Papercraft 01

Time Dotabattan Papercraft 02

Time Dotabattan Papercraft 03

Inch-worm Drone Papercraft

Firefly-Copter Papercraft

Time Kuwagattan papercraft (aka Time Bokan 3) - Red mecha shaped like a stag beetle. Of course, this has two mini-mechas as well: Honeybee-Drone papercraft and the Armadillo-Rollin papercraft.

Time Kuwagattan Papercraft 01

Time Kuwagattan Papercraft 02

Armadillo-Rollin Papercraft 01

Armadillo-Rollin Papercraft 02

Honeybee-Drone Papercraft

Kudos to the designer for not only getting the mini mechas in scale with the main mecha but to cleverly design it so they could be either hidden or is a part of the main mecha - just like in the show.

The link below takes you to nora-factry's MSN public folders page, click on each folder and download all of the contents to get the goods. So that's three main mechas and 6 mini-mechas. Have fun!

The Ultimate Time Bokan Papercraft Collection

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  1. These look very cool. I love bug-style papercraft. Hope I can find time to build a couple of these.

  2. whenever i trie to download anything of this, it says the files are corrupted or invalid. Where else can I download these?


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