09 October 2007

Slowpoke Papercraft

I've received a lot of praises for the previous Pokemon posts, but even more was the request for it. So, I guess I'll post the rest of what I have in the following days to come. But today, we have Slowpoke (ヤドン Yadon), number 79 on the Pokedex (ポケモン図鑑 Pokemon Zukan), it got it's name from the same word which is used to call a person who is extremely lazy or being a plodder/trudger. Or you could also look at it as a combination of the words slow and Pokemon. There's really nothing much to say about it's abilities, as it's name says it all. It is however, describe as a water type/base Pokemon that excels at fishing with the use of it's tail.

Sadly, this is not a Chokipeta papercraft, but a good one nonetheless. It was released by the Jupiter Corporation (Japan) from their Magic Craft series of papercrafts which includes Pokemon (sets of 3), Hamtaro, Kirby, and many more.

Slowpoke - [Download] [Photo Page]
Jupiter Corp. - [Site]


  1. thanks for this, you finally posted something "easy" a caveman can do it :)

  2. can you help me with this one, im having a hard time forming the shape of it's legs. there seems to be a problem with the folding


  3. i see that you've gotten to #2 on the topblog spot, congrats

    you got to keep updating though with more quality content to keep that rating

  4. can you place it in another link

  5. This would be fun to use in a real-world Pokemon battle! Paper hates me, but I might try sometime to create something like this...I couldn't do anything like this myself, but there is one minor detail: from what I've seen, most Slowpoke have white at the tips of their tails, but it may just be a new shining Pokemon! In a Papercraft class, I would give this an A+!

  6. omg thts so cute


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