12 April 2008

Epson Papercraft - Pterosaur

Epson and Asahi has teamed up for the opening of the world's largest pterosaur exhibit being held at the Nagoya Science Museum, it runs from March 20 to June 15 of this year. Epson Japan has commissioned this pterosaur papercraft from designer Kei Goto's Keicraft Studio in celebration of this event. Pterosaurs are often referred to as pterodactyls in popular media.

Epson Papercraft - Pterosaur [Epson Japan]

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  1. heyy you dont happen to have an instructional or template of
    a DJ turntable and speakers set for it do you??
    it would be most appreciated.. thanks in advance


  2. i think i posted one a while back, i'll see what i can find

  3. opps is not available now? Someone could download it?


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