31 January 2009

Kingdom Hearts Papercraft - Kurt Zisa

Kingdom Hearts Kurt Zisa Papercraft
Ninjatoes' first Kingdom Hearts papercraft, Kurt Zisa is an optional boss character on the US and Euro version of the Kingdom Hearts video game. This enemy character was named after a real life person from Medford, NY who won the Kingdom Hearts: Name-In-Game sweepstake that was held prior to the release of the game.

Kingdom Hearts - Kurt Zisa Papercraft

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  1. That is pretty insane. Kurt Zisa was an awesome secret boss and that is a perfect papercraft of him. Wow..

  2. AAAAGGGGHHH.... that boss angered me. Never could beat him, lol. Excellent work!

  3. did you buy the stuff in a pack or sumthing, its epic

  4. dude i need to know how to build that!!!!


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