26 January 2009

Feed Update

It's almost a week since we updated to Feedburner's new domain and everything seems to be back in order, just when we finally broke the 2K mark (we had it for over 2 weeks), then this transition kicks in. Google said we wouldn't lose any subscribers but stats are still down by 1o percent, I'll give it another week and see what happens.

Jan 20, 2009 - A quick update on the Feedburner counter, many have emailed asking about the sudden drop in our Feedburner subscriber count and I thank you for your concerns. Everything is ok, the readers have not left us, it had something to do with Google - read on for the details.

As you may or may not know, Google had acquired Feedburner and is now moving feeds from the old domain (feeds.feedburner.com) to the new one (feeds2.feedburner.com). It's a mandatory (i think) move and requires everybody using a Feedburner account to do so before February 29, 2009. Here is what Google has to say on this matter,

"Your feed has been moved into this new account, and your stats have been loaded up. If you see "0" for the most recent full day, don't panic! It may take up to a week for a feed's full dose of stats to appear in your new account."

"You should not lose any readers of your feed during this transition process. All feeds.feedburner.com URLs will redirect your readers to feeds hosted by Google. Your readers will continue to receive your feeds. However, the reporting and analytics may take up to a week to adjust to internet traffic changes, so the number of subscribers you see in analytics reports may be lower for a short period of time."

So there you go, I hope that clears things up, thanks to all that emailed and keep papercrafting.

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