05 February 2009

Halo Papercraft - Hayabusa Helmet

Halo 3 Hayabusa Armor Papercraft
The Hayabusa Armor is a powered battle armor that appears Halo 3. It resembles a Samurai armor and is considered to be the most popular armor variation in the Halo series. You need to unlock a certain number / all of the Skull in the game to get the full armor set.

This Hayabusa Helmet papercraft was designed by Skip from SPC, it is a life-size version, doesn't have any color (yet), and comes in a 19 page PDO file.

Halo 3 - Hayabusa Helmet Papercraft

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  1. omg this is great. love it. this could possibally turn into just the head gear for hayabusa for cosplay. might turn out better than the ones ive seen

  2. err, this model actually comes as a suit ya know. lol The files for the hayubussa are on both the halo pepakura wiki and the 405th. these pepakura files are MEANT for cosplaying. I myself have made a MK IV suit on the 405th. They are very easy to make and the materials are around 30-50 dollars per piece depending on which method you use. for more information on making halo replica cosplay suits, go to www.405th.com and start at the noob forums and read the stickies.


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