27 February 2010

Flipit Papercraft Combat (Tabletop Game)

Flipit Combat Papercraft Flipit: Paper Combat by James Bowen, a tabletop war game with a similar setting to World War II.

There are 4 factions (Green Stars, Black Xs, Blue Falcons, and Red Hammers) and countless items that include weapons, specialists, mortars, bikes, tanks, and transport - your troops are split into either infantry or heroes.

Hat tip to reader Carroll Witten for sending the link.

Flipit Papercraft Combat (Tabletop Game) [Download]

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  1. I love this. I am slightly jealous that someone beat me to mentioning it to the rest of you. James' designs are awesome and I can't wait for more. I highly recommend the mortar teams and the Blue Falcon tanks.

  2. Looks interesting. Will try it!

  3. thank you for sharing the news!!

    BTW, does anyone know where to get the map? I can only download the rule book and the paper model, but I cannot find the map... anyone can help?


  4. There is no map, actually.

    It's just whatever surface you happen to be playing on.

    The upside to that is you can change how the game plays just by throwing some stuff on the table before you start.

  5. I have a question...
    I can't seem to download the team, when I click the team name, it just redirects me to a blank page...
    Anyone know whats going on?


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