09 August 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Goron

A new Goron papercraft that would go well with the Darunia paper model that we already have. It's a very nice papercraft, but I would have wished that the designer made the Twilight Princess version instead - its got the cool markings all over its body. Oh well, maybe next time.

Legend of Zelda - Goron Papercraft [Gazamaniac]

Legend of Zelda - Darunia Papercraft
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  1. wow! very cute creations! love your paper crafts!

  2. hmmm . . . so you wanted a TP version, huh? Maybe I'll get around to doing that someday. Right now, I've got a much bigger, better papercraft project! ;)

  3. :) any clues on the new project?

  4. Well Ron, some people call him the Lord of Twilight. Others call him the Twilight Princess villain. But I'm sure you know him better as Zant. ;)

  5. that's going to be great, it would be awesome if you could do one with a removable helmet/armor to show his face

  6. The link doesnt work! repply me when it works !



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