05 March 2008

Star Wars - Max Rebo Papercraft

We've got a new Star Wars papercaft from Japanese sci-fi designer uhu02, it's the cool blue pachyderm-looking Max Rebo from Return of the Jedi. You might remember Max as a part of a trio of aliens playing music for Jaba the Hutt. The group is aptly named Max Rebo Band and they are comprised of Droopy McCool on woodwind, Sy Snootles on vocals, and Max on keyboard. This Max Rebo papercraft is in PDO format so you'll need to download Pepakura to view this file.

Star Wars - Max Rebo Papercraft [uhu02]
Max Rebo Papercraft [via Pepakura]
Pepakura Viewer [Tamasoft]


  1. Quand on voit une photo du véritable extraterrestre de prèt, on s'apperçoit que son costume aussi est en carton-pâte...

  2. hi there i dont know if you have the pdo of the max rebo, i would love iif you can send me the file to my mail zelda_link26@hotmail.com
    thanks anyway

  3. I didn't save this one, hopefully somebody sees this and sends you a copy


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