08 January 2009

G4TV Goes Papercrafting

I noticed the BIG spike in traffic for the past two days now (i never checked what it was until someone told me), turns out, G4TV featured us on their Blog Watch, along with our friends from Papercraft World and Papercrafty as "Best Papercrafing Blogs", sweeeet! Special thanks to G4 and to David Landis for pointing it out.

Best Papercrafting Blogs [G4TV]


  1. Coool, but paperkraft.net is the best.

  2. Congratulations, Ron! Very much well deserved. I'm one of the biggest fans of your blog.

    And we even got a glimpse of Pixel-Kakashi's and my Mantine! Yay!

  3. That's pretty awesome! It would have been neat to see NintendoPapercraft.com featured as well, but still cool. I always check up on this blog and the above mentioned because you guys update the most :D

  4. Wow that's cool! Grats.

    I did see Mantine for a few seconds too :P

  5. Thanks for the support guys! I appreciate it a lot.

    @mr joan croft
    the category is about "papercraft blogs", its about those that post/report about the papercrafts.

    nintendo papercraft is more on the designer side of things. I'm pretty sure when G4 does a "best papercraft sites" category (those that make the papercraft), NP would be on that list.

  6. ... along with PMF, Paper Pokes, Chamoo, Kaizo, and lots more

  7. who is the most popular papercraft (maker) site do you think is for 2008?

  8. That's a very hard question to answer, I'll think about that.

    But according to my site stats (based on in/out traffic using mybloglog tracker) the most popular sites for 2008 would be Nintendo Papercraft, followed by Ninjatoes, Chamoo, and Paper Pokes

    2009 stats already started and I've got Chamoo in the lead, followed by Paper Pokes...

  9. congratulations on that!

  10. Congrats! You deserve it! Your blog is awesome! :D

  11. That is actually how I found out about papercraft. Thanks G4!

    Love the site btw. Keep it up!

    P.S. Know where I can find some guides for beginners?


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