09 January 2009

SD Wing Gundam Zero Papercraft

SD Wing Gundam Zero Papercraft

Wing Gundam Zero is based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime series, it was designed but never constructed. It is said to be the ancesotr of all the Gundams. This immensely powerful mobile suit was meant for space combat, it transforms into a "Neo Bird Mode" and is armed with twin buster rifles. This Wing Gundam Zero papercraft has white/blank patterns on it, you'll have to print it on colored paper. Just follow the color code that the designer has provided to match the photo above.

SD Wing Gundam Zero Papercraft [toyoppe]

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  1. hi, does anyone know if there are instructions for assembling this guy? i'm terrible at navigating japanese blog sites and google translate is only somewhat helpful :-\

  2. as far as i searched i only found the instructions for the head, and the upper body. it would seem that the rest should be coming out soon as well since they werent released that long ago.

  3. Can you please link the instructions?

    I'm having trouble navigating through a japanese Website

  4. can any one give a color print of it, id unt wanna color the parts, cant tell which is the parts, eyes, weps.

  5. Add me on Battery_randomization@hotmail.com if you need instructions for this.

    I have it all.

  6. If it helps I found translated instructions for this model. They are uploaded at papercraft.wikidot.com.
    There were actual instructions on Toyppe's blog but was difficult to navigate and in Japanese.
    This might help if you stuck on deciding which coloured card stock to use for print on parts sheet.
    A-D is White
    E-F is Blue
    G-H is Grey
    I -Top is Green, Mid is Yellow, Bottom is Red. There is a extra sheet with full coloured parts.I2
    Omake A-B is Grey
    Omake C is black.


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