11 October 2008

Spice and Wolf Papercraft - Holo

Holo (aka Horo) is a character from the Japanese light novel/manga/anime Spice and Wolf, and also appears in the Nintendo DS game of the same name. Holo is a 600 year old pagan wolf-deity (notice the ear and tail) that serves as the godess of harvest for the town she's responsible for.

Spice and Wolf - Holo Papercraft

Anime School Girl Papercraft
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  1. very nice! i loved the anime. but one thing that confuses me is that people keep spelling her name "Holo." if you listen closely to the anime they pronounce it "Horo."

  2. Thanks!!

    Very beatiful.

    Y am working in a 26Cm horo.
    Will be a nice model.

    Coming soon in my blog.

    Sorry my english :)

  3. Dear annon
    the reason for the difference between the pronunciation of Holo and the spelling is due to the way r is pronounced in japanese. rather than go into the details I shall tell you the effect. the r sounds like a cross between l and r hence the confusion.


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