18 July 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - Chimchar & Piplup

A continuation of Nintendo's celebration for the launch of My Pokemon Ranch (available at WiiWare), two new simple papercrafts featuring Chimchar and Piplup - add the previous Pikachu that they've released and that makes three. These are the easy ones, if you feel like taking a challenge, but with greater results, try out the Chokipeta designed Pokemons below.

Pokemon Papercraft - Chimchar & Piplup [pokemon.com]

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  1. I can't believe a simple card game with mythical creatures was once so popular that everyone I went to school with had them. Pokemon was as popular as Mario. Although they have definitely gone down hill it still surprises me how simple ideas could make big money.

  2. Hey, how can we get these now? The page isn't there anymore.

  3. Pokemon.com removed it already and I don't have any copies of it. You can try these other versions of Chimchar and Piplup and see if you like them.


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