16 July 2008

Skullman Papercraft - Ryujin Super Bike

Originally from a manga series in the 1970's, Skullman is considered to be one of manga's first anti-heroe, someone that would do a little bit of bad so at the end of the day, the good still prevails. In 2007, Skullman was adapted to an anime series with a live-action film for its prologue (pictured above) Skullman's choice of transport is a wicked looking motor bike called the Ryujin.

Whitehouse, a Japanese motor bike enthusiast blog has created Skullman's Ryujin bike used in the live-action film (Episode Zero). At the same time, they provided a Skullman Ryujin papercraft bike for the fans of the series. Follow the link below, scroll down a little bit to get to the goods (see pic below to know what to look for), there's also two other papercraft bikes in there that you might want to check out although it's not as interesting as Ryujin.

Skullman Papercraft - Ryujin Super Bike [whouse.jp]

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  1. are you sharing photos with some of the other blogs?

  2. Not really, why? whats up?

  3. i was looking around and i found a bunch of photos that i edited for you posted on "other" blogs and those edits are not free! :) i was just wondering if you gave permission

    some examples are the ex kaiser, zephyr, black hand on zelda staff, etc. i sent the prtscrns to your email you should check it out.

  4. Thanks for sending the photos and for pointing out the culprits. As far as I can remember I didn't give any permission, unfortunately with todays copy paste nature, some are just really indolent and don't bother to do their own. I really appreciate the edits you did on those photos and hopefully we can find a better solution to address your concern.

  5. are you not going to do anything about it?

  6. My nephews going to love your site!

  7. @jen
    I know you're pissed about people copying your edited work but I'm not exactly sure what you want me to do, the best thing that I could come up with is change on our part, probably a bigger barely-there watermark?

    thanks for the visit friend, say hello to your nephew for me


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