07 June 2008

Awesome Warcraft 3 Papercraft

Two amazingly detailed papercraft models (not the blocky type, but the curvaceously good one) based on the Warcraft 3 video game featuring a Tauren Chieftain and Priestess of the Moon from Taiwanese designer lcwmax. No patterns for today, we're just showing some videos and pics. I'm not quite sure if there is a pattern or if the designer just made it a one time thing, but if there is one, hopefully lcwmax shares it with us all :)

Awesome Warcraft 3 Papercraft [lcwmax via wretch]


  1. Whoa that's pretty cool. Reminds me of this guy I see in the coffee shop every day making paper cranes. We thought he was a homeless guy but lemme tell you, this guy is making a mint. Paper craft is big business.

  2. hmm.. and I remember of a guy on a site called hobikitkertas.com. he made wc3 heroes also, however his model kinda "blocky", but is exactly like the ingame character. this is just different.


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