18 October 2007

Paperkraft.net Contest

Although I've been online with this blog for over a year now, we never really got to celebrate it's first anniversary due to the fact that I was having some work related issues back in 2006. This site started on February of that year and I stopped posting around September, I was M.I.A for 5 months and just recently got back on track (started posting again February 2007). You can clearly see this gap that I'm talking about on the Archives, but eventhough I had some setbacks, people still supported the site and I thank you greatly for that.

I counted the months, and we're past the 12 count, so I think today would be as good as anyday to celebrate our anniversary. Starting this day until December, we'll be having contests to give away papercraft (anime/video game themed) and origami related merchandise. The prizes will vary depending on the complexity of the contests, I'm still trying to think of what types of contests to conduct so feel free to give any suggestions.

Our first contest will be simple, it's going to be a random drawing from my subscribers list, If your a subscriber then you don't have to do a thing because you're automatically entered, if you're not a subscriber yet, then you have until Sunday (October 21, 2007) to enter.

This contest is open to everybody in the world were USPS delivers, you will be responsible for any tax that may arise in your respective country. I'm in the U.S. so keep that in mind.

The price is a Page.A.Day Origami Calendar by Margaret van Sicklen. I haven't opened it yet so I don't know what's inside, but it's quite heavy for a calendar (1lb. 8oz.). On the description, it says that it has hundreds of models complete with instructions, perfectly-square-full-color decorated pages, and comes with a 16-page "Origami Key". I've taken photos of it with a dollar bill for size comparison, also check out the preview of the other prizes that await you. That's it for today, good luck, and thanks once again.

Hi-Res Photos - [Photo Page]

Note: By next year we'll celebrate back to the real month, which is February.


  1. nice one, id like the harry potter please

    btw, do we pay shipping if we win?

  2. how about a papercraft or origami making contest, this is a papercraft site after all

  3. signed up and ready to win - you should make a post about rules or something, just so you can make it clear to everybody

    things to determine:
    are we paying shipping? (like the guy said above)
    is it one entry per day, per email?
    if we win are we allowed to join the next contest?

    i would also suggest a papercraft contest were we build one from any on your site (instead of designing one from scratch - which is extremely difficult)

    just my 2 cents

  4. i want the harrpy potter.....

  5. if someone wins,will the packaage be shipped to them,or will it be scanned and emailed to them? cuz i don't want to give out personal info.

  6. *signs up*
    Guess I won't lurk as much as before... especially if you have any skill-entry parts to the contest.

    Plus, gotta make sure nobody submits my pictures as entries like they did in the past on another internet arts-and-crafts contest o_O;

  7. Sorry about the mess guys, this is my first time doing a contest and I'm just getting the ropes on it.

    Ok, with regards to the questions,

    1. I will pay for shipping worldwide (only were USPS delivers)
    2. One entry per email
    3. I will not share any personal info. on the site (just name and location of winner)
    4. I'll answer other questions as they come up

    Thanks to all of your suggestions with the contest formats.

  8. uh,what if the winner isn't 18 or 16 or w/e the "adult age" is in w/e country they're in?

  9. how about if we win and we dont want to give personal info?

  10. If you win and don't want to give "personal info"... Just tell them that you want the prize forwarded to me, lol.

  11. count me in, ready to win


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