08 July 2008

Clank Papercraft Robot

This Chokipeta designed Clank papercraft robot is a character based in the Ratchet & Clank video game series for the PlayStation consoles. Clank recently had his own spinoff video game for the PSP called 'Secret Agent Clank'. Don't forget to check out some new photos I added to our flickr page and a special thanks to Goblin Guy for this great find. If any collectors out there are interested in purchasing the real thing, follow the Amazon Japan link below.

Clank Papercraft Robot [mediafire]
Clank Photo Page [via flickr]
Buy Clank Here [Amazon.co.jp]


  1. thats a very nice model from Chokipeta, i saw it last night on your face book, cool

  2. thanks for the model jeje NICE

  3. @utamari

    I was informed that you posted it, I was going to send it to Goblin to give thanks but you ruined it for me man :( , anyways, I appreciate your visit

    thanks, credit goes to Goblin Guy for this one

  4. I'd really like to try this papercraft, but have one question, the yellow in the background... when printed isn't that pretty much going to kill my printer ink? There have been a few papercrafts that I'd like to create but have been hesitant because of this.

  5. Pretty much yeah, that would be an ink killer. I don't have any other versions of this file but if you've got photo editing software, you can just cut out the pieces and put them back on a white background.


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