02 April 2006

Dinosaur Papercraft - Iguanodon

The Fukui(Japan) prefecture web site fukuioyado.com is providing this free paper model of an iguanodon in relation to finding dinosaur fossils in one of their cities (Katsuyama). This paper model is in PDF format and comes with a pattern (527KB) and instructions (1.2MB).

Dinosaur Papercraft- Iguanodon

Instructions - http://www.fukuioyado.com/paper/fukuiryu_exp.pdf

Note: Thanks to Tengu for pointing out that this is an iguanodon and not a velociraptor


  1. Er, that's not a Velociraptor at all. It's some kind of plant-eating dinosaur, an Iguanodon or something closely related.

  2. Thanks for the correction Ms. Morgan


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