05 April 2006

Easter Egg Papercraft

Another famous easter symbol is the Easter Egg, they are specially decorated eggs given out to celebrate Easter holiday. Next to the Easter Bunny, the Easter Egg is well known worldwide. The old tradition used dyed or painted chicken eggs, now they used eggs shaped out of chocolate or plastic eggs filled with candies. Once again, this paper model is from Epson Hong Kong and designed by Chan See Lik Paul. This cute Easter Egg paper model is in PDF format and is about 820KB. Chicken Little's cousin is included :)

Easter Egg Papercraft [Epson HK]


  1. Wow, it's adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  2. tat's so CUTE!!!!

    gonna try tat out some day~~

  3. Great. Thank You, very much. I know what I will be do with my daughter.

  4. Very cute. We'll give it a shot but I am not that skilled.

  5. Awwww... that is too cute! ^_^

    *itching to do some, but must resist the temptation for now....*

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