27 March 2007

In Love With The Riot

Accidentally found this video and thought I'd share it with you guys, it has papercrafts on it so I guess that counts as relevant, I like the papercrafts and the music is up beat. The only thing I could find about this group is that their called "Bring Me The Fucking Riot...Man", yes that's the name of the group and their a Swedish punk band. So if you like this sort of music, Rock On!

BMTFR Official Site? [bringmethefuckingriotman.se]


  1. that video is so cool on many levels, but then again, it's been around for ages

  2. they have a myspace page here:


  3. your link is cut short, hmmm , broads, dumb as a whistle

  4. Another troll, it would be best to ignore them my dear readers, and just pity them for their lack of civility.


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