16 October 2008

Zelda Papercraft - Princess Ruto

Princess Ruto is a sea Zora that appeared in Ocarina of Time. She is also known as the Sage of Water. It's size is similar to ninjatoes' Link so they go well together.

Legend of Zelda - Princess Ruto Papercraft

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  1. billybob here, actually its not scaled well for ninjatoes models, i scaled his up when i built them (when i was juts starting out, i sucked at smaller things), so she comes out a fair bit bigger than link and zelda at their original scale

  2. Just got in contact with ninjatoes (Link and Zelda builder), and for a proportional build to his originally scaled models, you need to print Ruto at 56% scale.

  3. there you have it folks, a tip from the pros, thanks once again to billybob884


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