19 May 2009

TMNT Papercraft - Shredder, Casey Jones, & Foot Soldier

Shredder, Casey Jones PapercraftTwo new Foot Clan members (Shredder & Foot Soldier) and the mask-wearing, bat-swinging Casey Jones are now available at 4Kids.tv

The Casey Jones & Shredder papercrafts are locked, you'll need to sign-up on the 4Kids.tv site to access it.

Update: Thanks to reader Brandon for pointing out that there's a point system in place in order to access the Shredder and Casey Jones papercrafts. Luckily for you, Cubeecraft has provided a code so you can instantly download it. Just follow the links below and head on to the Cubee blog to find the "code" ^_^

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Papercraft
Cubeecraft Blog [find the code here]

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  1. I thought we was going to do a puzzle or some type of treasure hunt to look for code :) it was already out there.

  2. I'm a bit confused now, all I said was "find the code" and I never said it was hidden or something ^^

  3. I got it, thanks. Why didn't you just mention the code btw? lol

  4. @Martee
    Because it's a special code for the Cubee readers, it's only right that I point you to the original blog post ^^

    Sorry I had to delete/reject your post, I don't have permission so I can't directly link to those files

  5. @anon

    Why don't you ask Mediaworks, that's (mediaworks.co.jp)

  6. @Ron
    Perfectly understandable, my good man. Thanks for responding to it.


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