20 May 2009

Harry Potter - Golden Snitch Papercraft

Golden Snitch PapercraftHere's a Golden Snitch papercraft based on the Harry Potter series. I'm not quite sure about the bird wings though, I always thought the Golden Snitch had what looks like insect wings ^^

Designed by Mark Green (aka paperart) from the deviantART site.

Harry Potter - Golden Snitch Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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  1. you're right, the wings on the snitch look totally different. still pretty cool though. i'd like to see a paper replica of the hogwarts castle, might be cool.

  2. I would also like tu see a Hogwarts papercraft! I can't find anyone right now! Does anybody knows one?

  3. @Dima
    maybe it's based on an illustrated version of the book?

    I haven't seen one yet

  4. I thought the snitch had fairy wings...or butterfly wings.I like fairy/butterfly wings better than those insect wings.

  5. Ron beat me to it. I thought the Grandpre illustration had bird wings. I based this assumption off of the cover of the US edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.


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