18 September 2008

Big Thanks

BIG thanks to all the people that sent e-mail greetings wishing me a safe trip home. So I made it back in one piece, although I can't say the same for some of my "important" stuff. I've been home since Monday but couldn't post because Hurricane Ike killed my PC's, my lonely Mac, and the most important part - electricity. I've been scrambling to get a new PC since then but my area is a big mess and most of the stores are closed, so I made a few phone calls to our friends up North and thanks to Patrice Auteuil/Tiger Direct who mailed me his loaner PC so I could continue blogging. Temporarily staying at a motel until things get a lot better. Thank you all.


  1. Dear Ron.

    Glad to find out that you are safe.


  2. Thank you for that, I appreciate it.

  3. Hi Ron -

    I too am glad that you're safe. I hope that life is able to return to normal as expeditiously as possible for you.



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