12 April 2009

Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Wildcat, Shining Knight, The Angel, & Yellowjacket

Wildcat PapercraftFour new updates on Professor Plastik's retro superhero papercrafts.

The pic on top is Wildcat, a DC Comics superhero and a member of the Justice Society of America. Doesn't really have any superpowers but is always at peak physical condition, was given given a magical "nine lives" thingie so he could live longer but he has used them all up. Wildcat is also a great boxer and was said to be Batman's mentor in that art.

Wildcat Papercraft

Next is another DC superhero, the Shining Knight - said to be an original member of the Knights of the Round Table in King Arthur's court. Doesn't have superpowers but does have a magical armor and sword given to him by Merlin the magician. Rides around a pegasus named Victory.

Shining Knight Papercraft

Shining Knight Papercraft

We move on to Marvel Comics for this next one, this is the Angel - a Superman look-a-like (costume wise) minus the superpowers. The Angel is a detective who acquired the "mystic cape of Mercury", a magical cape that enables him to fly. Not to be confused with that other popular Marvel character - Angel/Archangel from the X-Men series.

The Angel Papercraft

The Angel Papercraft

And finally, the Yellowjacket - a costumed superhero from Charlton Comics who has the ability to control, what else, yellowjacket wasps. His costume design also reflects his name ^^

Yellow Jacket Papercraft

Yellowjacket Papercraft

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