14 April 2009

MGS Papercraft - Gray Fox / Cyborg Ninja

Cyborg Ninja PapercraftCyborg Ninja is an NPC in the Metal Gear franchise and one of the coolest looking ninja characters in video game.

Born as Frank Jaeger, a military man whose extraordinary soldiering skills made him a member of the FOXHOUND unit and the only one to receive the "Fox" codename - considered to be the highest regard for any member of the unit.

A battle with Solid Snake left him half-dead, his body ending up on Dr. Clark's (FOXHOUND Chief Medic) gene-therapy project. It gave him new lease on life with some added bonus - an exoskeleton that super enhanced all of his physical attributes (strength, speed, agility, reflex, etc.) and optic camouflage that made him completely invisible to the human eye. By now Gray Fox has transformed into the Cyborg Ninja, and of course, being a ninja, he has to have a sword. So he carried a bad-ass, high-frequency vibrosword - one that could cut through any material.

Cyborg Ninja Papercraft
As you can see, this Cyborg Ninja papercraft has two poses for you to choose from, and a third one is probably on the works. Designed by PH3DM from the Maquettes Papier forums. Hat tip to reader Will for the links. Follow the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the first model, head to the 2nd page of the post thread for the second model.

Metal Gear Solid - Cyborg Ninja

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