08 February 2006

About Paperkraft.net

Who are you?

My name is Ron Rementilla and I run Paperkraft.net to help guide people find the best free papercrafts on the web and promote the works of prominent and up-and-coming paper modelers, even the obscured ones.

I started blogging in February of 2006 after a friend saw some of my papercraft collection at home which included books, kits, and printed patterns from the internet, she put the idea in my head about sharing it through blogs. Prior to this, I've been collecting papercraft books and kits since I was a kid, most of the old ones that I have are of the punch-out type and paper automatas. My collection of free downloadable papercraft patterns from the net only started in 1997. I'm based in the U.S. and work in the technology field.

What's with the Name?

The term paperkraft doesn't have any specific meaning, just a short unique name. But ever since we've started back in 2006, "paperkraft" has now been synonymous to "papercraft" and can even be interchanged.

The Content

Sometimes new readers get confused with the content that we have and it's because of the word "papercraft". Depending on your geographic location, papercraft can refer to a lot of different things, but I want to point out that the main focus of this site is on 3D (three-dimensional) paper models. Whenever you see the word "papercraft" it refers to "3D paper models". The types of genre included are anime, manga, video game, PC game, cartoon, and film. Also included are origami, paper automata, pop-up cards, and dioramas.

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Have Fun!


  1. Cool stuff Ron!

    I was just looking to find how to make paper aeroplanes, a simple craft I have long forgotten.

    I didn't know paper can be used to made so many nice things.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you as well, I appreciate the visit.

  3. Oh, wow! This site is great! My sons will love this.

    We'll definitely be back!

  4. A wonderfull page which opens the world of Papercraft for me, thanks!
    "What's with the Name?"
    "Kraft" ist also the German word for "power" or "energy".

  5. what brand/type of paper do you recommend?

  6. Thanks for your GRAET WORK on this site...
    Frankie and Matt
    Italy, UE

  7. Thank you for your great work. I'm visiting your site daily to look whats new and to complete my own search results. I often find something I oversaw or a new site I wasn't aware of yet.

  8. What a great site! It has inspired my boys. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ron,

    When I go to your blog, it makes me so good every time :-) Many thanks for great work & well done

  10. It's nice to know that this is still running.

    I really like it, and I'm glad I found it!


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