15 June 2006

No-Face 2

Here's the update to the No-Face paper model, it's about 2x bigger and I've cleaned up the lines on its face for a more cleaner look. What do you guys think? what else should be changed or added?

NoFace - Download


  1. Nice one, Ron~ =)
    But I can see the dotted lines clearly, maybe u can 'lighten' it down using grey instead?

    Keep it up!!

  2. thanks, i'm trying to eliminate the lines one by one (without deforming No-Face)
    hopefully, ill get it nice and smooth in a few days.

  3. I edited your design and made the black lines dark grey and the white ones light grey. I can't even see the lines and it looks great. Would you like a copy? /r/ on /po. I have both howl's castles, totoro, catbus, and am creating a Kiki.

  4. you can check out the modifed one at http://the-joeba.livejournal.com/ i have a pic of yours but will be changing it to mine, leave a comment requesting it and i'll figure out a way to get it to you

  5. Your blog is made of awesome and win. I'm gonna make a load of papercraft this weekend, including both of your No-Faces. Keep fighting the power!



  6. I think it would be a lot better if he have his tiny arms? That would be cute! But still, this is just amazing! :D


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