01 August 2006

Update - 08.01.06

I've been receiving a lot of email with regards to Ryo's paper models changing address all the time, I haven't had the time to ask him why, so I've decided to put them up in a bundle (zipped) for easy downloading, I only included those paper models that I've already done and posted on this site, if you want to see or download Ryo's other works then head on to his site.

Ryo Tokisato - Web Site


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  2. hey do you still have patterns for these? they are not in the folder anymore..just curious...they are so cute..and would be perfect to get my family into papercraft

  3. nevermind..i managed to eventually navigate through the link to ryo's site from an earlier journal and found them!

    thanks very much...you have an awesome blog!
    i've shoddily managed to assemble two cute animals so far (the bunny and the shark!)

  4. Hi
    I am looking for the diagram or some kind of instructions for the small blue dragon.ther is a picture of it on this website but no diagrams.They are not in the file that is on here.If someone could direct me to where i can get them from it would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks


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