19 March 2007

Puma/AC-30 Papercraft

Today we've got the Puma/Ac-30 papercraft model designed by Nick Hayes, it's pretty simple and straightforward so beginners wouldn't have any problems with this one. Gitaroo-Man, was a game developed by Koei and produced in very low quantity for Sony's PlayStation 2 that garnered good reviews with limited sales, but attracted a loyal fanbase and somehow became a "cult video game". The story revolves around U-1 and his talking dog Puma, their alter-egos being Gitaroo-Man and AC-30 respectively. AC-30(Puma) was responsible for teaching U-1 about battling and throws the Gitaroo guitar to him when a challenge is presented. Nuff' said.

Puma/AC-30 Gitaroo Man Papercraft - [via Mediafire]
Puma /AC-30 Photos - [Flickr]

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Gitaroo Man! I'm gunna go print it out and make it now. :) Thank you!


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