01 June 2007

Copernican System Paper Automata

Hello everybody, my name is Sam, I'm the not-so-new member of Paperkraft.net - I work as an illustrator mainly for children's books and I'm based in the New York city. I've been a follower of this blog since it's inception and have been posting comments on the sideline, I officially joined last February but I was in the process of moving to New York from Aachen, Germany, where I used to work. I have to admit that at first, papercraft wasn't really my thing, I was more into automata, and through this site, I have grown to loved papercraft and paper automata ever since. As you've noticed, the other members of the team are mostly working on papercraft models and origami, I will be posting only on paper automatas and some papercraft related news. Finally, I would like to thank Ron for giving me this opportunity and for the advices he shared with me with regards to posting (colored folders for backgrounds, photo size/watermarks, lighting, info. on the model, etc...) and hopefully earn the readers acceptance.

To kick things off, here is a paper automata from Canon (Japan), created by renowned paper engineer, Keisuke Saka - it is based on the Copernican System, also known as heliocentrism. Copernican, being from Nicolaus Copernicus (1473 - 1543), a Polish astronomer and mathematician who theorized that the Sun was the center of the universe/solar system. This model is 7" on it's widest part and about 6" tall, comes in PDF format.

Canon Copernican System Paper Automata [via Mediafire]


  1. Hello sam, welcome, were glad to see a new face.

    I can tell your new at this so ill be gentle(just kidding), you know the background you put has some spaces in them, i can clearly see the gaps on your photos, maybe next time theyll be more flushed with a little help from mr tape and mrs glue. I also wanted to ask what kind of watermark program you guys are using? your photo watermark looks exactly the same as on ron's posts?

  2. Thanks Kevin,

    I use Photowatermark Pro 2002 Edition for all my photos. Ron gave me these following settings (if I'm not mistaken, he uses Adobe Photoshop) for his version H=5%, V=2%, size=50%, Font=Arial, Font Size=48, transparency=50%

    I got it to look like Ron's by trial and error on my software. I just played around with the settings until I got it to look as identical as possible. Hope that helps.

  3. very nice for a start post, thanks sam

  4. thanks for the info. i tried it with photoshop and it came out real good. i did mine on a transparency level of 60% though.

  5. holy crap, this thing is sweet, thanks and welcome

  6. This looks like it would be fun to build. Keisuke Saka is who got me interested in papercraft to begin with.

    Rustin Allison

  7. did you do some illustration work for MBM Publications? I think I saw some of your works at the NYAW, but you had a darker hair color there.

  8. where's ron? why hasn't he posted any papercraft this week?

  9. >dante

    Yes, I did in fact do some work for them. Did you have any favorites?


    Last time I spoke with him was before Memorial Day, maybe his still on vacation, or maybe his doing more papercrafts for you guys - in any case If you need to talk to him, may I suggest you try the email link on the right side column.

  10. i liked the one with the octupus :0
    it looks like a lot of fun


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