10 July 2007

Famicom Papercraft

The Famicom, also known as the Nintendo Family Computer, was one of the earlier consoles that reminds me of my childhood spending long hours with my dad and my brother playing Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Twin Bee, 1942, Lode Runner, Contra, and many more. It's still fresh in my memory, the days when we fight over who gets the first controller, (sigh), those were the days. Ok, enough of my reminiscing, here's a Famicom papercraft model from dfnt.net, quite simple to build, it's boxy so it's pretty straight forward. Cut, score, fold, and glue then wait for that induced feeling of nostalgia.

Famicom Papercraft [dfnt]


  1. if you were a kid when this came out, then you must be old :)

  2. thanks, this reminds me of my childhood as well. Id spent my summers playing the famicom all day then getting in trouble with my parents because I played to much. I also remember my famicom doing some sort of "permanent" color fading/tinting to our TV, it was a green hue that came out and wouldnt go away, of course my parents blamed me for it :(

    Loved the work, thanks again

  3. why are the wires flat? arent they suppose to be round? i mean tube like?

  4. wow. thanks ron.

  5. OMFG, this is just what I need to impress my girl, shes not much into gaming so I introduced her to my very old famicom (i know, its still working though) and we've been playing Kontra for days now. Thanks for this and cheers! Keep up the good work, don't forget UP.UP.DOWN.DOWN.LEFT.RIGHT.LEFT.RIGHT.B.A for the win!

  6. great job! thanks

    i have a question, i tried building it last night but my controllers dont fit exactly on the side, they were too big, how did you get yours to fit? did you modify them?

  7. @anon1
    Not that old, ^_^

    sorry to hear about your TV, but don't worry, your not alone on that, some of my friends experienced the same thing with their tellies

    don't know the answer to that, you should probably direct your question to it's designer, good luck

    your welcome

    @handsome dan
    that code is eternal, good luck on impressing your girl

    No adjustments here, the designer didn't give any wiggle room for it, it fits flush, so you would have to cut it precisely, otherwise, you'll end up with the result that you have now, good luck on it.

  8. Ummm this is actually the FAMICOM...

    Meaning, the Japanese NES.

    The Super Famicom is gray


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