06 August 2007

The Incredible Hulk Papercraft

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the Marvel films panel revealed some details on one of next year's highly anticipated comic book movie, The Incredible Hulk. What? your probably thinking, hey, didn't they do a movie of the Hulk already? yes they did, but it was a crappy version so they're doing this remake. There was also some new info. on the Iron Man movie, but we'll stick with the green guy for today.

We all know that Ang Lee's 2003 version of the film aptly named "The Hulk" didn't get a warm reception from the regular moviegoers and fans alike, hopefully this time, with a new director (Louis Leterrier) and a new cast (Edwarton Norton as Bruce Banner, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross and Tim Roth as Abomination) they'll come up with a better script and an improved and better CGI. It's scheduled to be released for the Summer of '08 but until then here's a Hulk papercraft from okipapa for all the fans out there. The PDF is roughly 9MB, and has a hulk-size 19 pages on it, good luck with this one.

Hulk [Download]


  1. holy crap, good find! did you attend comic con?

    abomination is the hulks next enemy? have any pic of him from the movie?

  2. @chase

    learn to use the web, here is a wiki entry for abomination


  3. @anonymous

    learn to read properly you idiot, I asked Ron if he has any pic of abomination "from the movie"

  4. there are instructions for this too in a separate pdf, http://space.uwants.com/batch.download.php?aid=576225

  5. Thanks anon, but the instructions are already included in my post.

  6. hulk-size indeed, this sh!# is 19 pages? how come you dont build this one and post your usual pics?


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