23 December 2007

Chokipeta Tank Contest

Here's a little something to do during your Christmas/winter holiday break, I'm giving away an original Chokipeta papercraft kit, it's from an old Playstation 2 tank simulation strategy game from Sega/Sammy Entertainment called Standard Daisenryaku: Dengekisen released in Japan 2004.

It goes with the series of free Chokipeta-designed papercrafts from this site. The kit is unopened so I don't know how many pages are in it, I'm also not a tank expert so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong with my guess - that this is a Tiger 1 (Panzerkampfawagen VI Ausf. E) tank. The rules are pretty simple, just take a picture of you with your favorite papercraft/s - the theme is "Happy Holidays". Feel free to use any of your relatives or pets as props. You have to include a sign that says Paperkraft.net in the photo for authentication purposes. Send your entries to paperkraftsATgmailDOTcom with the title "Chokipeta Tank". One entry per email, entries close on December 31. Merry Christmas!


  1. Im camera shy, is it ok if I use somebody else or like my dog with the papaer crafts?

  2. Is this model available on the web?

    If not, whoever wins this should scan in the papers or something, so other people can get this model too.

  3. @vlad
    Yes, you can use them.

    Haven't seen it on the web yet.

  4. i submitted my entry a few hours ago, is it possible to check if you've received it?

    I used Paper Master as my name.


    Paper Master

  5. I just checked and I haven't received any entry with that name, did you use "Chokipeta Tank" as your title? I've set up filters on my email, if you didn't use that title then your email won't go through.

  6. why don't you just scan them and share with the rest of us like you use to do?

  7. it's too late anyway but not everybody has a camera to take a picture......... :((

  8. Hello !
    Where can we find the model on your photo ?
    On the site the paper tank is "desert colored", mainly yellow, and yours has a different frontpage and the model seems to be more grey !


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